Big Kid Blocks Black Tech Carbon Fiber Kit - Four Piece

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Yep, we did it. We have teamed up with our very smart friends from Black Tech Project to bring you possibly the worlds first ever produced Carbon Fiber sanding blocks with handles. DOPE!!!

If you have a tendency to drop things due to your butter fingers, then this kit is for you.  Carbon Fiber is FIVE times stronger than steel and is 500 times stronger than acrylic.  So these blocks will handle anything you can dish out and they will last longer than you ever will. 

This Big Kid Blocks Black Tech Carbon Fiber Kit consists of four blocks in total:

  • 24" Tube style block
  • 18" Sphere style block
  • 11" Sphere style block
  • 6" Tube style block

*All sphere handles are acrylic, not carbon fiber.

This product is made to order, please allow two weeks for production.