ENIGMA INTERNO - Interior Ceramic Trim Dressing

ENIGMA INTERNO - Interior Ceramic Trim Dressing

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Angelwax ENIGMA INTERNO, INTERIOR CERAMIC TRIM DRESSING has been formulated using the latest ceramic technology. ENIGMA INTERNO is a durable, hydrophobic dressing for all interior trim and fabrics.

Once applied to interior plastics, anti-static properties within the ceramic component will prevent the build-up of dust on its surface. In addition, a built in UV protector will prevent interior fabrics and plastics from discoloration.

Angelwax ENIGMA INTERNO forms part of the unique ENIGMA range of ceramic detailing products designed to deliver outstanding durability and performance.


1. Spray Angelwax ENIGMA INTERNO directly onto Big Kid Blocks microfiber applicator and apply to the trim. Once applied, buff with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

2. To protect fabric simply spray onto the upholstery and leave to cure. Once the surface is dry to the touch, the coating will be in place.

16 oz bottle